Koprivnički poduzetnik Ltd., Hrvaška

25.04.2017, Projekti sodelovanja / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do četrtek, 17. avgust 2017


Koprivnički poduzetnik d.o.o. is a business support organization in ownership of City of Koprivnica. It manages local business incubator. Currently employs 12 people, with a wide knowledge and expertizes.
The team is always working on finding new funding opportunities and programmes, since we work with wide variety of business owners – from cultural to agricultural sector.
Koprivnički poduzetnik d.o.o. carries out entrepreneurial education, helps local entrepreneurs in distributing their products, preparing EU projects and business plans for the personal needs and needs of the local entrepreneurs, encouraging start-up companies which includes training programs and consulting services.
Koprivnički poduzetnik d.o.o. is constantly organizing educational programmes in form of public lectures for young entrepreneurs, new start-up and business owners.

The target groups are accessed through social networks (web page, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), public calls and e-mail contacts. Also, it offers services of giving information on business opportunities on foreign markets; giving information on public and private implements to support internationalization; giving information on specialized consultations, training courses and promotion.

Local business incubator supports 30 entrepreneurs and inclued also Erasmus participants. It offers offices, co-working space and conference room.

Employees of Koprivnički poduzetnik d.o.o. are on disposal as a contact and information point for every business owner and we support help on-the-spot.

Kontakt: Mateja Horvat
E: mateja@inkubator.info
W: www.inkubator.info