Gledališče Teatro Minimo Atri (Teramo, Italija)

13.01.2015, Evropske platforme / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do sreda, 25. februar 2015
Projekt: Cenacolo 3.0 (Ustvarjalna Evropa - Platforme 2015) Predlog gledališča v Teramu (Italija) za oblikovanje kulturne platforme v okviru programa Ustvarjalna Evropa.

The goal is to promote contact and exchange of experiences between the different forms of art and artists in the local context as that of the small towns in a modern European historians rereading the experience of circles that in the past have been scenery aggregation, meeting and dissemination of artistic events and who have had the merit of “provincialism” the experiences within different national and / or regional favoring the comparison with similar experiences in a European context: the movement that has most expressed this desire is the pictorial realism developed in a myriad of national and regional artistic movements, beginning in the early ‘800 and ‘900.

The places where they met and where they operated the artists of realism, while preserving the memory of an illustrious past have not been able to strengthen ties in later times and even in the present; This project aims therefore to the dissemination of works and artists of different art forms that rediscover, in a modern, past synergies.

Več: gl. priponko spodaj

Kontakt: Massimo Spezialetti, Direttore Teatro Minimo Atri (Teramo), Italy


Objavljeno: 13. jan. 2015