GAER Giovani Artisti Emilia Romagna, Italija

5.09.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Ostalo
Odgovori do četrtek, 15. september 2016


The main goal of the association is to concretely support cultural and artistic creativity among young people living and working in Emilia-Romagna Region, by promoting and incentivizing self-employment and youth entrepreneurship. GAER focuses its activities in the implementation of actions and measures aimed at supporting young artists to professionalize their artistic careers.
We operate at regional level and we benefit form the partnership of both the Regional and local authorities in order to reach a great impact and work on a widespread approach


Business know-how for young artists

The project aims at supporting the development of business commences among young artists in order to foster the creation of new business models in the creative sector and create self-sustainable business perspectives for young artists.
In particular, the project will focus on 2 main aspects:
– development of communication and promotional competences
– development of selling and fundraising know-how

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