Fundación Ibercaja, Španija

3.09.2019, Projekti sodelovanja / Vizualne umetnosti
Odgovori do torek, 1. oktober 2019
Fundación Ibercaja (Spanish Foundation) would like to participate in a project as a partner. They are interested in working on the audience development (through Virtual Reality) and promotion of art and painting among children and young audiences.


It is a private non-profit organisation with more than 100 years of experience. The Ibercaja Foundation has nearly 120 employees who schedule, manage and publicise its social, cultural and training programmes. One of the Ibercaja Foundation’s main commitments is to spread knowledge about science and the humanities across society by making art, music and theatre available to all.
We schedule exhibitions, talks, screenings, concerts, courses and educational activities about various topics and in particular, we publicise painter Francisco de Goya and his work.


We can collaborate, as partners, to projects working on the audience development and works and promotion of art among children and young people, related to painting.
This partner offers more than 30 years of experience as cultural actor and its resources (galleries, workshop spaces, Francisco de Goya Museum, training centres, etc.) from Spain. Fundación Ibercaja will focus on cultural activities in the field of:

  • Art and technology (audiencies development through Virtual Reality)
  • Promotion of young artists in the discipline of painting (mobility of artists and art works).
  • Dissemination of the project.

We would like to offer our long experience as cultural actor and resources (galleries, workshop spaces, Francisco de Goya Museum- (, training centres, etc.) from Spain in order to collaborate in cultural projects. We have many different cultural activities in our annual programme (in the field of music, painting, theatre and art in general) so we are sure that we can contribute to your project somehow.

Več v priponki (.pdf).

Kontakt: María Dolores Zamorano (
Joaquín Costa, 13 – 50001 Zaragoza
T: +34 687 698 616 / +34 976 97 1901, W:
Goya Museum: