Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA), Srbija

26.05.2017, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Multimedija in nove tehnologije
Odgovori do sreda, 1. november 2017


Although constituted in the experience of art academies of the past, with painting, sculpture and graphic segments as the primary visual areas of research, FFA introduced into the traditional artistic processes (that are used since its foundation) the new developments of digital media and technology. Thus the Faculty created New Media Department form 2016.

They would like to develop project in the field of  digitization of cultural/artistic heritage and visual arts. They are looking for partners who will help them in creating and promoting applications for mobile phones, as well as in creating (and clubbing presentation) of short video-audio digital art forms, which are created by cultural/artistic heritage.

More about the proposal here.

– PhD Olivera Eric
curator-documentarian of The Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) in Belgrade (responsible for operations of digitizing university heritage)
E: ericolja@yahoo.com
– MA Art Historian Adriana Turajlic
volunteer and associate on projects of the Faculty of Fine Arts
(digital processing of FFA Collection, the creation of sites, digital base and social network profiles of FFA university heritage)
E: adrijanabuzz@gmail.com