European Resources ltd.

1.12.2006, Kultura 2000 (2000-2006) / Interdisciplinarni projekti
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European Resources Ltd. is currently developing a project which should ideally consist of 35 artists (i.e. sculptors, painters, singers, musicians, actors, and dancers) who will travel around Europe promoting their national and traditional activities within each hosting Member State. This group of European artists will travel around Europe in order to promote a higher level of European identity within the European Community through their respective artistic and performing skills.
The main aim of this project is a) to eliminate as much as possible all the cultural barriers which exist between the European Member States by organising activities which bring about a unifying artistic expression of the cultures of the countries involved; and b) to disseminate the developing concept of ‘European Citizenship’ by a proper appreciation of what is common within the overall cultural diversities of the member states

Dr. Johann Debono, European Resources ltd
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