Europa inCanto, Italija

28.11.2017, Projekti sodelovanja (večji) / Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
Odgovori do ponedeljek, 1. januar 2018

Europa inCanto is looking for theatres/production organizations dealing with opera (if possible, with experience in activities with youngsters); training organizations related to cultural sector; school umbrella organization able to provide schools in the participating cities; technical services provider (app developer…) to cooperate in a large-scale project in the field of opera.

Organizacija: Europa InCanto

The Music Association Europa inCanto was born in 2012 by the conviction of its founders that being educated in music and learning to appreciate it from young age can make us better people. The main goal of Europe inCanto then is to spread the music culture between the new generations, working with and for young people. On this regard, Europa inCanto has developed several musical education projects. Among these, we point out the Ars inCanto project, formulated to accompany students to the knowledge of all arts, music, painting, theater and dance to the realization of an essay created directly by pupils. The flagship of the Association is the Scuola inCanto project, which is spread throughout the national and European territory and which has enabled the creation of a true teaching method for the knowledge of opera by song and play.


In recent times, opera and theatre in general are suffering from the competition of other (more popular) forms of entertainment, and Opera in particular is perceived by something “difficult”, to be appreciated by a specialized public only.

Europa inCanto has the primary objective of creating a new audience, by educating the new generations to know and appreciate the performing arts better, with particular regards to the opera. Through the creation of a network of theatres and European culture centers, and a close collaboration with the educational sector (particularly schools), it will stimulate audience development, by engaging children and their families with the opera, attracting the interest of the youth.

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