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26.10.2018, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Interdisciplinarni projekti
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Organizacija: EuroArtBerlin e.V.

EuroArtBerlin e.V. was founded in 1995 by artists, journalists and cultural workers from East and West – in the legendary Cafe Lampion in Prenzlauer Berg.
The NGO has organized since then exhibitions, performances, literature and theatre film projects with partners in Europe and outside the continent in countries with European roots.
EuroArtMontivideo (NGO) was founded in 1999.The branch Bolsa de Valores Culturales/Espacio Cultural Ciudad Vieja was established and is located in Perez Castellano 1487 in the harbor district of Montevideo. Today the cultural instituton is named Camaleon.
Since 2005 EuroArtBerlin has also co- produced in Southern Africa. So it was in the course on the occasion of the production of Maria Stuart (a play by Friedrich Schiller) that in Stellenbosch during the 10th German Weeks EuroArt has co-produced this play with the local university and the German Consulate in Cape Town.
In 2006 EuroArtBerlin produced together with the University of Namibia and the Goethe
Institute: Bert Brechts’ Baal for the Bank Windoek Art Festival. The AZ Windhoek and the artistic director of the festival, Aldo Behrens voted staging Baal for the best performance of the festival.
​In 2007 EuroArtBerlin came to a collaboration with the French Cultural Centre and the National Theatre of Namiba in Windhoek. The staging of Ubu Roi – a play by Alfred Jarry – received the Audience Award.
They would like to join cooperation project as a partner.

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