CRASC – Centro di Ricerca sull'Attore e Sperimentazione Culturale

10.02.2015, Evropske platforme / Interdisciplinarni projekti
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Projekt: Evropske platforme (razpis 2015)CRASC – Centro di Ricerca sull’Attore e Sperimentazione Culturale iz Italije išče partnerje za sodelovanje na razpisu za Evropske platforme za leto 2015 (razpisni rok: 25. feb. 2015).

CRASC is a Research Center in the field of Performing Arts and Experimental Theater. The objectives of the cooperative are:   planning and managing activities linked to the development of performing arts, fostering artistic experimentation through the production of performances and performing arts festival and through the promotion of research institutes, performing arts networks and consortia.

Platform in the field of performing Arts & digital media
The project is based on the idea that sharing arts is an excellent tool to develop dialogue between people belonging to different cultures, countries and backgrounds. The objective of the project is the creation of a platform. In effect our idea consists in developing a network among young European artists and carrying out a research about performing arts and new technologies. To this end, some young artists selected from European Performing Arts Schools and Companies shall take part in a creative process. Pinocchio per caso ( is a pretext. It represents the beginning of a collective creation process. Behind this there is a research about the meaning of today freedom of expression. We would like to develop the show including circus performances, dance and video projections. All the artists involved in the project, each one of them with their specific features, will invite to showcase their work about this theme in order to experimente new forms of arts and to create a new artistical wave.

They would like to collaborate with cultural Institutions, universities, circus, dance, music academies or companies and performing arts centers.


Viviana Miele – event curator
CRASC – Centro di Ricerca sull’Attore e Sperimentazione Culturale
Via Monfalcone, 56 – 80143 Naples, Italy
T. +39 340 29 75 801

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