CoopCulture, Italija

20.07.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Kulturna dediščina
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CoopCulture is a cooperative operating in the heritage and cultural activities sector in Italy.
It is a qualified partner positioned to offer answers and solutions to the increasingly complex needs of a continuously evolving sector, from the perspective of integration between cultural heritage and territory and between culture, tourism and local economy.
With the intention of bringing diverse audiences closer to art, it has developed user paths differentiated by language and method, taking advantage of the potentials offered by new technologies and paying special attention to local communities in all of their aspects, families, young people, children, the elderly and immigrant communities.

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Ms. Paola Autore

Marco Marinuzzi


This projects start from the observation that cooperatives have shown resilience to the financial and economic crisis that affected Europe in the last 10 years. It still has potential growth and it could be one of the best solutions for an effective and inclusive management model of the cultural heritage. In fact, its values and principles are self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. What European culture needs for its development.
The project will consist of:
– mapping and comparative and benchmarking analysis of existing successful business and management models financing mechanisms and governance arrangements of cultural heritage in Europe (public management, public-private partnerships, subcontracting etc)
– analysis of the cooperative system, its capability to face the economic and financial crisis, different type of cooperatives in Europe dealing with culture and tourism; Analysis of the European Cooperative Society and how to amend it in order to better fit the needs of the cooperatives’ system
– setting up of a directory / database of EU cooperatives operating in culture and tourism in order to promote and facilitate exchange of best practices, sharing of experiences, transnational cooperation, lobbying. This ICT platform should be based on the experience carried out by Coopculture with the ART PLANNER
-study visits and mobility (based on the experience of the Cooproute project) of cultural operators working in cultural cooperatives aimed at boosting transnational partnerships and joint projects and the setting up of a project pipeline
– development and validation of a cooperative model for cultural and tourist development aimed at enhancing cultural heritage and typical products;
– pilot actions for the creation of “cultural incubators” and to test innovative models based on “community cooperatives” and citizen’s participation in order to increase cultural audience and tourist attractiveness of selected territories
– training to cultural operators on EU funds for culture

Please find more about the project in the appendix.