Collective le Nomade Village, Francija

1.07.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do sreda, 5. oktober 2016


The collective is a laboratory of artistic and technical researches. They choose to share creative time with the public that are involved in those latter. They handle contemporary dance, theater, image, music, programming, to weave writing in perpetual motion.
They use digital tools as a meta-tool being vector of connection. Digital tools, ubiquitous from creation to production, make connection with the audience during the performance, and fades to better serve the storyline.
To channel all possible field that enable digital tools, the Collective has chosen to explore the real, by the body, the flesh and the narrative. They invent stories, stage designs, imaginary constructions combining virtual spaces and real time, inside and outside the theatre.

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Philippe Domengie

Eliane Mathieu


From Intimate to Collective

Participatory artistic creation: workshops of writing, video, theater, dance, music, web, graphic creation, photography, scenography, urbanism… to develop with a group of young people (student or not) a unique writing and interpretation of « Des Corps de Ville », a play (to play with) of the collective.
Digital tools: mapping, sound design, real time interaction, filming, streaming, sharing.
Sharing knowledge: through workshop all knowledge is good to share. Experienced users as workshop leaders are the best person to learn from, to make his own choices later.
Pedagogy: share experiences to elaborate a corpus of methods, intuitions, tools, on how to accompany young people to take part of, to engage a empowerment process through his intimate to the collective.

Please find more about the project in the appendix.