Civil associations os-MIRET (International Initiative for Developing Ethnic Creativity), Klub “Hura kamarad

1.12.2006, Kultura 2000 (2000-2006) / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do sreda, 8. april 2020


Enhance hierarchy of human cultural values in today’s community and support their potential evolution, clarify role models in society – differences of majorities vs. minorities, provide more space for young Romany artists and their realisation, teach Romany population special skills and professions which could help to improve their living standards and could help their them and their children to integrate…

Katerina Kelarova, Civil association os-MIRET (International Initiativity for Developing Etnic Creativity)
Čápkova 1, Brno, 602 00
T/F: ++420 736 138 747