City Development Agency of Banja Luka (CIDEA), Bosna in Hercegovina

3.10.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do sreda, 23. november 2016


City Development Agency of Banja Luka (CIDEA) has the status of the juristic person: administrative, non profit organization and it represents  a link between the city administration and other stakeholders participating in the local development.

Their vision is to become the leading institution for the development of the city of Banja Luka, primarily in the area of capacity development and creating favorable climate for the development of the economy. The main aims of the CIDEA activities are the following: coordinated planning and implementation of development projects, developed sector of entrepreneurship and growth of SMEs, educated and competitive workforce and developed information system for monitoring the development and influence the results of implemented projects.

We give particular attention to the environment protection and gender equality, then tradition and heritage protection in our development projects. We constantly insist to connect research and development/Innovation with the SME development and we make education become component of every single project. We strongly support sustainable development of local communities and help vulnerable groups to have better life.
Strengthening of networking of stakeholders, identification and development of joint actions, use of best practice methods and human resource development are our main methods used to achieve better results and common benefit for all citizens. All above mentioned issues are necessary to have in mind in order to create a strong partnership, ownership of the results and ensure active participation of beneficiaries and partners.

Vesna Marinković-Vojvodić
City Development Agency Banja Luka (CIDEA)
I Krajiške brigade N.O. broj 1
78 000 Banja Luka
Republika Srpska, BiH
M:; T: +387 51 394 250; M: +387 66 803 625