Centro Puertas de Castilla (Španija)

23.12.2014, Evropske platforme / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do četrtek, 27. februar 2014
Projekt: Evropske platforme (razpis 2015)Centro Puertas de Castilla iz Španije išče partnerje za sodelovanje na razpisu za Evropske platforme za leto 2015 (razpisni rok: 25. feb. 2015).

The Cuartel of Artilleria is a Centre of Culture, Art and Innovation that belongs to the Department of Culture of Murcia local Government and they are looking for project and partners, mainly, museums of contemporary art and cultural centers of contemporary culture.

Platform of cultural operators who promote emergent artists.
Among our goals we found: developing the complex Cuartel de Artilleroa as an integral complex of culture in Murcia, the creation and participation of a net of culture in Murcia, improve the place of culture in Murcia at national and international level, pay special attention to children’s culture, offer to culture professionals and citizens tools of creativity, guarantee the existence of groups and individuals that work in minority fields or with a hard access in culture, favor the creation, research and experimentation in the field of contemporary culture, encourage and promote the new languages of contemporary culture, get the state and tends of contemporary culture, thereby permitting to describe and to incentivize the cultural panorama, to open debates and thoughts about contemporary culture in the public space, to offer options related to the contemporary culture to citizens and to strengthen voluntary activity in cultural fields.

The Cuartel offers its support to every inventor which fields are related to art, contemporary culture, environment and education and whose projects produce an evolution and a improvement in society.


Ana Meseguer
Centro Puertas de Castilla
Avd. Miguel de Cervantes, 1, 30009, Murcia, Spain
T. +34968274110 / F. +34968280316
E: ana@puertasdecastilla.es

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