Centro Diego Fabbri, Italija

13.11.2018, Projekti sodelovanja (večji) / Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
Odgovori do torek, 11. december 2018

Organizacija: Centro Diego Fabbri

Centro Diego Fabbri is a cultural association located in Forlì (Italy) that works in strong cooperation with the Theatre “Diego Fabbri” of the City of Forlì and is responsible for managing both the theatrical and promotional aspects of the Theatre.
Its mission is to promote theatre and theatrical performances both at a national and transnational level, fostering synergies with different stakeholders, initiatives with primary and high schools, local, promotion of young playwrights, cooperation with local public authorities for the promotion of cultural activities.
Centro Diego Fabbri is working also in strict collaboration with the University of Bologna, implementing a number of activities aimed at educating the students on Theatre Culture.
Centro Diego Fabbri is a member of the Regional Permanent Forum of Theatres, which includes several Theatres, theatrical and cultural associations, cultural foundations.
One of the main activities of the Centre is also the promotion and valorisation of young playwrights. Every year the Centre organizes a national competition targeted to unpublished playwrights, to encourage new dramaturgy and playwrights and to support the national circulation of awarded works, allocating funds in order to perform the awarded drama in at least 40 Italian theatres.

Projekt: “Pop Drama – Circulating of European Playwriting through people’s choice”

After having successfully implemented “Pop Drama – Circulating of European Playwriting through people’s choice”, a small scale cooperation project aimed at supporting the circulation of European dramaturgy, and having proved the efficiency of the methodology tested, the present cooperation project proposal wishes to build and follow up on that previous experience. In particular, the project aims at promoting the transnational circulation in the field of dramaturgy and the accessibility to European dramaturgy at a transnational level, at supporting theatre and cultural players cooperation and at implementing audience development activities, targeted in particular at students.
The project foresees a random division of the 9 partners involved in 3 mixed groups and a national call for playwrights for the selection of texts to be translated in the partner languages. These texts will be performed in alternative spaces in the partner countries, in order to realize a so-called “theatre outside the theatre” as a part of the audience development strategy. A winning text will then be selected and performed by designated companies and directors in the countries involved.

They would like to cooperate with organizations active in the cultural and creative field, operating in the sector of theatre and dramaturgy (theatres, cultural organizations, universities, etc.).

Kontakt: Andrea Donda
E: donda@argoproject.eu
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