Ballet Nationale de Marseille, Francija

20.05.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Filmski in avdiovizualni projekti
Odgovori do sreda, 5. oktober 2016

This project offers an innovative approach that will allow especially young audiences a collaborative way to discover artistic stage work and it will give artistes and creators the possibly to enlarge their audience base. Their ambition is to create a link between the very popular everyday digital consumption of children and link them to real world participative experiences and performances. They wish to create a digital toolkit that would be an app or a videogame designed for students aged 10-11 years old. This digital toolkit will let them discover the performing art/ dance world. The interdisciplinary concept of the project will allow fusing high-end digital solutions with hand crafted physical experiences.

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Please find more about the project in the appendix.