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14.01.2015, Evropske platforme / Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
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Projekt: Evropske platforme (razpis 2015): uprizoritvena umetnost (muzikali idr.)

B GLAD is a theater production company based in Croatia, Europe. Founded in 2010, the company produces Broadway musicals as well as live events in Croatia and the region. Our vision is to set the new standard in musical theater production in the region – INDEPENDENT THEATER MANAGEMENT; raise Entertainment Industry standards in Croatia and the region and educate and develop new kind of Entertainment Industry professionals (actors, singers, dancers, entertainers, directors, producers, etc.).

B Glad Production was founded in 2010 in Zagreb with the aim of raising the Croatian theater cultural scene at a European level. The main activity is independent productions of musicals and other theatre performances in Croatia and abroad, with a special emphasis on discovering and nurturing young talent. Accordingly, one of the goals is to organize workshops and training of young artists and theater enthusiasts.

According to the forms of production taken over from Broadway, musicals produced by an independent B GLAD Production  brought closer the Croatian to European cultural scene to which can contribute grand successes of the previous two major projects. Debut “Footloose The Musical” lifted Croatia at the feet of the professionalism of the entire creative team and commitment performers, thanks to which this musical has seen by more than 100,000 viewers. In order to justify the confidence of a new audience, the creative team has launched a new project, original Croatian musical “Black House – Musical in color” which experienced incredible criticism of the profession and the public. In only two years of playing, the play was seen by more than 50,000 viewers.


B Glad Production is dedicated to working with professional performers, choreographers, writers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in Croatia, Europe and beyond, in order to reach the level of production of the musical worthy integration of the Croatian cultural scene in Europe. That is one of the long-term goals as well as international cooperation with experts in the same areas to create a synergy of artistic vision and to support the programme Creative Europe.

Given the diversity of national and regional strategies of European regions and the ever-increasing need for artistic collaborations and training, we are able to launch renowned and talented artists and creative people where their broad knowledge and experience can be transferred in a creative way. In this context, the basic idea of the platform would be reduced to periodic workshops held by international producers, choreographers, performers and artists who would create a strategy plan for coherent theater forms and cultural events through panel meetings. This could lead to formalization of a unique European theatre scene, and at the same to nurturing national wealth and tradition of all members of the  platforms.


Tadija Kolovrat, direktor, lana@bgladprod.com, GSM: +385956676111

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