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20.06.2019, Projekti sodelovanja / Knjiga in prevodni projekti
Odgovori do petek, 1. november 2019
Arete Publishing House is looking for publishing houses, performing arts organizations and organizations with know-how in audience development and using digital technologies in culture to cooperate in a project BOOK ProMotion.


Arete (since 2015) is publishing company that in short time became recognizable among Serbian readership with editorial strategy that combines timeless classics such as works by Virginia Woolf and Walt Whitman, with contemporary authors – Christian Gailly, Jeanette Winterson and Alejandro Jodorowsky – together with Serbian authors like Ivan Tokin. We have strong stand in our aim to be recognizable and authentic in every way that modern publishing demands: with the titles we publish, complete visual presentation like no other in the market, with new business models that we are implementing in our distribution/marketing philosophy. We are especially proud that Arete won prize for best design in Serbian publishing on Belgrade Book Fair 2016. Our promotional strategy is based on many interactive events with audience and authors including immensely successful first Arete Book Prize competition in organized public gathering with our editors.
We already have two successful Creative Europe projects, i.e. European Literature Today: Universal Stories of Personal Revolutions and Literary Migration: spatial, temporal, and spiritual dislocation.

Projekt: BOOK ProMotion

ProMotion is a project that focuses on creating and developing new models of book promotion. The goal of the project is to open up the possibility of a performative approach to book promotion on the one hand, and to distribute the content of the promotions by the use of digital tools on the other hand, thereby reaching a completely new audience.
The aim of the project is to establish an interdisciplinary cooperation of various actors (publishers, performers, IT sector) in terms of designing new models for communicating the contents of literary works with the help of performing arts and digital technologies (book promotions of publishing houses that are in the project, research, exchange of knowledge and experience, digitization of the project and the creation of a wider audience in this way). The final product of the project would be a sustainable methodology for new ways of promoting literary works and the use of performing arts and digital competencies for these purposes, with all the elements needed to realize one Book ProMotion. This Book
ProMotion tool could be further distributed to publishing houses, presented in the form of seminars and conferences, but also sold as a digital product.

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Kontakt: Nina Gugleta, main editor