AICI Architecture Studio, Romunija

16.03.2020, Projekti sodelovanja / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do ponedeljek, 23. marec 2020
AICI Architecture Studio is a small enterprise that would like to join a project within Creative Europe Western Balkans call as a partner. They are looking for projects covering the field of cultural heritage, heritage interpretation, cultural tourism, sustainability, design, arts and technology, creativity, community building.


AICI Architecture Studio is an office founded in 2015. Based on a start-up programme, the studio was set out to reactivate (part of) an abandoned historical building, concurrently with its gradual, participatory, transparent restoration and its inclusion in the network of cultural – educational places in Bucharest. This starting path was based on the current context, well known within the industry: on the one hand, the increasingly common need to initiate change through ‘grassroots movements’ and hands-on attitudes; on the other hand, the need for accessible landmarks of good sustainable preservation, correct and explicit alternatives of revitalization, through transparent working mechanisms of all parts involved in the process of managing the existing historical fund. We strongly believe a more open contribution is needed, playing the role of ‘leading matter’ between the owners (community), the public entity and the heritage fund, by applying ‘intervention kits’ proven to be functional in similar international contexts.

During the years, aside from the architecture practice, we have been involved in many cultural projects, cooperating with Romanian organizations and institutions, along with other European architectural studios, with the purpose of reactivating and preserving cultural heritage.

In 2018 we carried out a small part in The Invisible Casino project, implemented by ARCHÉ Association in order to unlock the state of The Constanța Casino, included by Europa Nostra on the 7 Most Endangered list that year. The project resulted with the 3d scan of the monument and a young community invested in new initiatives all through 2019, meant to promote the importance heritage has in shaping our European identity. That same year, we started a cultural project in the city of Sinaia, which holds a significant role in our recent history, as a royal residence and the host of 96 classified buildings.
The project opened up new possibilities of collaboration between the local community, the civil society and institutions with responsibilities in the field of heritage protection, thus assuring sustainability for our main interest – creating active communities around heritage, arts and culture.