Aalborg Karneval (AAK), Danska

3.10.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Ostalo
Odgovori do torek, 15. november 2016


Aalborg Carnival is a non-profit organization that arranges the largest carnival event in northern Europe with over 250.000 participants and spectators. Besides the annual carnival, AAK also participate in arranging other large public events in the city of Aalborg.


The main aim of the project is creating financial sustainable open public events throughout Europe, by examining and exploring new business models and revenue sources. The collaboration between trustworthy and experienced partners from all over Europe will create the foundation to make economic sustainable open public events in Europe that are able to generate revenue outside the public funding. The project results in an online toolbox developed to help organizers of large public events. The toolbox will be a catalogue for everyone to use as a guideline to implement new business models and it will act as a step-by-step guide, including direct contacts to people and organizations who have already implemented these solutions.

Spletna stran: http://www.aalborgkarneval.dk/


Kresten Thomsen

E: kresten@aalborgkarneval.dk
T: +45 25757913

Please find more about the project in the appendix.