SHARE; creative powers of art

Project area
Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music) 
Exodos Institute (lead) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / European cooperation projects 2020
EU funding
198.080 EUR

Coordinator: Zavod Exodos festival sodobnih odrskih umetnosti (SI)
Partners: Marche Teatro – societa’ consortile a responsabilita’ limitata (IT), Zagrebčanko kazalište mladih (HR)

Project amount: 351.700 EUR
Grant Awarded: 198.080 EUR (56,32 %)
Project duration: 15. 9. 2020–15. 9. 2023

Art and Creativity can build better communities and reinvent themselves for better society.

SHARE project is a 2,5-years long-project (2020-2023), focused on education and creation in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. SHARE project wants to construct a durable / sustainable artistic system in which international networking, and community building will follow a training program between European, Middle East and Africans for long term collaborations. We are connecting local, regional and international partners and artists.

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