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More-than-Planet: More than one understanding of planet Earth

More-than-Planet: More than one understanding of planet Earth (Partner)

More-than-Planet: More than one understanding of planet Earth

The More-than-Planet project addresses a crisis of planetary imaginary, as it finds an urgency to re-examine the way people understand and picture the environment on the level of the planet as a conceptual whole.
The project partners will contribute to the European cultural-environmental literacy with the comparative planetary imaginary by empowering European research, innovation, and cultural communities with novel insights, skills, tools, and concrete use cases ready as references for the efforts in their domains. Such imaginaries will be developed through collaborative and art-driven innovation approaches with critical and creative tools for addressing today's environmental troubles. All the results will be disseminated as novel environmental narratives in cultural and public spaces as well as in specific critical zones. Project partners will extensively involve their stakeholders in project activities to maximise outcomes' expected. In support of long-term impact, the project will develop a pathway toward the framework of European Cultural Outer- Space Activities (ECOSA) in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Such a framework will serve as a mutual agreement between stakeholders on collaborating in the long run. In general, the project builds on decades of individual efforts by many artists, scientists, and cultural organisations who enabled artistic production in the context of outer space, with space technologies, or even in outer space itself. Most of the project partners are part of this legacy while collaborating on many Creative Europe, Horizon, Erasmus+ and international projects. With established networks, the project will join some of the most high-impact events in the outer-space sector, and in such a way, maximise its impact.
At Projekt Atol, we will be developing the planetary imaginary through new forms of parallel residency programmes that intertwine both artistic practice and theory. We will also develop new formats of intensive non-formal learning with the focus on development and testing of new and upcoming perspectives. We will also work at the level of dissemination of the project's content.

Foreign producers in the supported project

  • Waag Society (leader)

    Netherlands (EU)
  • Pohjoinen valokuvakeskus r.y (partner)

    Finland (EU)
  • OLATS (partner)

    France (EU)
  • ART2M (partner)

    France (EU)
  • Ars Electronica Linz GMBH & CO KG (partner)

    Austria (EU)