ID : Babylon

Project area
Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music) 
Glej Theatre (partner) 
Project lead
Théatre du Pélican (FR) 
Creative Europe (2014 -2020) - Culture / European cooperation projects 2018
EU funding
200.000 EUR

Coordinator: Théatre du Pélican (FR)
Partners: Das letzte Kleinod / Manufraktur Theater (DE), DELLEALI associazione culturale (IT), Gledališče Glej (SI), Slovene national theatre Nova Gorica (SI), The Albany (UK)

Project amount: 333.334 EUR
EU support: 200.000 EUR (60 %)
Project duration: 1. 9. 2018-31. 8. 2020

Adolescence continues to be a crucial challenge for Europe. It is a period of life during which the most controversial and divergent ideological forces take shape. In the current context, signs of a more radical ideological positioning – the rise of extremism, the threat of religious integrism, etc. – are becoming increasingly common and teenagers are their ideal target. ID: Babylon will take this context into account and will seek the artistic means to re-establish a dialogue with these youngsters in need of guidance and identity. For this, we want to work towards developing a common language and history upon which to build a new Babel, where all the young people will be able to come together and talk with each other, regardless of their nationality, origin, religion, opinions, and so on.

ID: Babylon will mix hundreds of teens of different backgrounds and social class: primo – i.e. newly-arrived – immigrants, young people of immigrant background, and European youth, also termed ‘native youth’. This project will enable the youngsters to acquire a new transnational identity, a European citizenship which will help them to look beyond the borders of their origin.

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