Tragači, Croatia

27.01.2020, Cooperation projects / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Tuesday, March 10 2020
Tragači (The Seekers), an arts and culture organization working as a professional theater and active since 2010 in Zagreb, are interested in participating as partners in a project addressing audience development in performative arts. They would like to cooperate with arts and cultural organizations, non-government organizations based in the cultural sector, private and public theatres, research centers, universities.


Umjetnička organizacija Tragači, Zagreb, Croatia (Arts and cultural organization The seekers) are an ACO that works as a professional theatre. They have been producing one play a year since 2010, which was a commercial evening production. They are planning to continue with such production once every two years.

Since 2016, they have started another programme strand with theatre production of pieces developed through devising theatre and work-in progress processes. Through this strand, their aim is to develop new contemporary theatre pieces based on improvisation, explore the possible connections between arts and technology, and develop site-specific and participatory theatre productions. Their goal is to develop new skills in audience development and participatory theatre and to strengthen impact in the local community.

They have also occasionally been organizing theatre workshops for different types of audiences and are planning to develop this programme in the near future.

Their mission is to enable community involvement in theatre and to place theatre in the centre of community as a space where its members can establish dialogue, share experiences and express their own creativity.

T: +385 91 8724 224