TK-21 La Revue, France

17.05.2018, Cooperation projects / Multimedia and New Technologies
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TK-21 La Revue from France is looking for partners from Tunisia, Serbia and all over Europe to take part in their project. The desired profiles of partners are art media, producers of theoretical content, new technologies companies, virtual and physical artistic places, research labs of Telecom firms, University of Science with a biology or technology-oriented vision, University of Anthropology with a focus on images and imagination, firms producing elements of vision as camera, films, digital and electronic items, film producers, museums of art focusing on new technology, art galleries, and art centres. They already have contacts with partners from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Russia, Taiwan and Korea.

Organisation TK-21 La Revue

TK-21 La Revue is an online magazine and cultural operator (exhibition, symposium, consulting, etc.) in the field of arts (images, contemporary art, art criticism, anthropology of images, etc.) which has been established for seven years. They have organised several symposiums and various exhibitions about images and photography, with a special focus on Asia thanks to the participation of lectures and artists from Korea, Taiwan and Russia working together with French experts. Their regular partners involve art institutions, research departments in universities, scientists, artists, art galleries and art centres.


The project is based on the situation of “images”: their use and transformation in our world. What is hidden behind images? Artistic use of the web 3.0, augmented artistic reality, mixing virtual and physical places.

The idea is to promote emerging artists able to work with “images”, production and thinking, as well as to promote new forms of imagination to produce books, films, exhibitions, artists. Learn how to use images and “think” images through the prism of contemporary creation.

The aim is to try and give substance to a new vision of our common imagination between sciences, art, economy, technologies and anthropology.

To help such artists (from images producers to new technology searchers) is to make possible the “invention” of the new imagination for this century.

The project will connect sciences and art through a new pedagogical approach of images.

Images connect and “unify” the production in art science and technology. Images are tools for thinking. Images are the link between creation and imagination in our brains. The project consists in making explicit the non-explicit part of our new common imagination. Each partners become a part of a new force: the imaginary task.

Their project is ubiquitous, multimodal, and interactive. Their current partners are: La Ville a des Arts, (gallery), Les moutons Sauvages (web developer), ESAM Design (art school), Voix Off (exhibition from Arles) and LudoTic (user-centred design – eye tracking).

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