Pregrada Municipal Museum, Croatia

14.11.2018, Cooperation projects (small) / Cultural Heritage
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Organisation: Pregrada Municipal Museum

Museum was established in 2005 by the City Council of Pregrada. The museum is placed on the main square in a renovated building, originally built in 1908 as a public elementary school. Besides the museum, our building is home of Pregrada Town Library. The permanent display with 639 exhibits was opened to the public in 2007. There are three collections at the museum: the pharmaceutical colllection, the mining collection and the numismatic collection. Pregrada is known for « the Zagorje Cathedral «, a parish church dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the past, Pregrada was one of the centres of Croatian pharmaceutical and coal mining industries. We are mostly visited by pupils from elementary schools and high schools, hiking groups, winemakers, senior citizens and tourists. Besides the temporary exhibitions, guided tours and lectures, they are organizing workshops for pupils and adults.

FB: Muzej grada Pregrade Zlatko Dragutin Tudjina

They would like to become a project partner in the Smaller Scale Cooperation Projects with an institution who shares some interests. They are specially interested into developing new pedagogical programmes for children, pupils and students, new attractive workshops for youth and andragogical programmes for adults and senior citizens. One of their challenges is how to connect with private sector and to secure additional source of incomes through the innovative systems of sponsorships and donations. They are open to new and creative approaches and we would like to introduce a European dimension into our work through a partnership projects such as this one. They would like to learn how to present cultural heritage sites to visitors and how to broaden the museum’s programmes outside of the museum building. In their programme they have accomplished a high level of cooperation with cultural associations and NGO-s, Town Library, Pregrada Music School, educational institutions, Pregrada’s Red Cross and others.

Contact: Davor Špoljar, Director
T: +385993761222