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24.07.2018, Cooperation projects (small) / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
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Pozoriste Lektira (“Theatre reading”) from Serbia is looking for partners to join them on a small-scale cooperation project in the fields of performing arts, theatre, education and audience development. Expected partners include institutions or organisations interested in working with young people and audience development in performing arts, universities and educational organisations, etc.

Organization: Pozoriste lektira

“Theatre reading” is created according to the idea of the celebrated actor Ivan Jevtovic who in cooperation with his colleagues Milena Nikolic and Dejan Jajcanin begins work on the founding of a new theatre that will have an educational character and will be named after the professor of the faculty of dramatic art, Dr Vladimir Jevtocic. For the first season the theatre chooses a school lecture as a topic. In cooperation with professors of literature the selected works are dramatized and then the performances are created in accordance with the editing of the proof-readers according to plan and program. It is planned that every performance of the play will be followed by a workshop with the audience, in this case the students will have the opportunity to actively discuss with the actors and professors of Serbian language and literature. We are trying to learn the correct behaviour patterns and the discovery of the importance of communication and interpersonal cooperation in the development of young people.


The motive of this project is to use the theatre play and drama workshop as communication models to gather these future elite around the things that connect them and which are close to them. A seemingly painful, heavy and boring school lecture could become an ideal polygon for mutual understanding, encouraging creative thinking and learning. We believe that these young people are quite aware of the time and space in which they are living. It is necessary to encourage them to think that their personal and creative engagement can influence changes in their own community.

The aim of this project is to address young people about the importance of literacy, reading and fine speech through work on theatre performances. We also aim at learning the correct patterns of behaviour and revealing the importance of communication and interpersonal cooperation in the development of young people. Finally, the goal is to debate things that are common to us and present in everyday life. Debates are an opportunity to look at similarities and differences, and by the sharing an experience to make an exchange of opinions. This project also aims to encourage teachers and professors to introduce modern methods in teaching. It is important to make young people closer to art and our main goal is that these young people have an insight to the whole process of creating a play from the creation of a literary work to the performance of it, in which they are an active part.

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Contact: Milena Nikolic
E: pozoristelektira@gmail.com, W: @pozoristelektira