ODA Theatre, Kosovo

17.01.2020, Cooperation projects / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Tuesday, March 10 2020
ODA Theatre would like to cooperate, esp. with partners from France and Western Balkans, in the field of contemporary theatre and in the artistic creation in public space (esp. contemporary circus).


ODA Theatre is an independent cultural organization undertaking initiatives, programs and projects in the field of producing and co-producing contemporary art work in theatre, music and arts in public space in Kosovo, region, Europe and wider. Since its creation in 2003, in its own venue in central Prishtina and in other places in and out of Kosovo ODA has carried more than 60 unique arts and culture projects so far serving around 25 000 direct audience yearly.

ODA is a member of IN SITU; the European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space and in the frame of its European partnership in this platform also organizes HAPU Festival in Prishtina dedicated for art in public space, with European and local artists working in public space and promotes the work of Kosovan artists inside and outside of Kosovo.

ODA developed also a number of co-productions with various European and US partners. Long lasting strategic partner is Blessed Unrest with whom ODA has carried out numerous co productions created with fully collaborative processes in specific and unique bilingual theatre productions.

ODA is involved largely also in “Arts in Education” field with numerous initiatives and activities with and for children and young people, ranging from theatre weeks, summer schools, inter disciplinary workshops, permanent groups to creation of 20 theatre clubs in the public education system in the country involving more than 400 children and 20 teachers working with the clubs.

ODA is driven by principles of: open mind; no fear; overcome obstacles; no prejudice; embrace; learn; enjoy; give and receive; facilitate; simplify; encourage; forgive; share; exchange and mutual understanding.

ODA Theatre is interested in development of skills for contemporary circus and physical theatre. Circulation of work, common creation, workshops and master classes for professionals and interested young participants. With background in contemporary circus, they are interested to work in and with/in Western Balkans region.

Contact: Florent Mehmeti, director (florenti@teatrioda.com)
T: +383 44 152 381