Lunjina, Serbia

17.07.2018, Cooperation projects / Cultural Heritage
Reply by Saturday, September 1 2018

Serbian-Aromanian association Lunjina (Srpsko-cincarsko društvo Lunjina) if looking for partners from all countries but especially Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania and Poland (music and folklore associations, networks, organisations), for a cooperation project in the fields of traditional music, diversity of music expression, folk music, rare traditional music expression, cultural/musical research and projects which combine different forms of music expression.

Organization: Serbian association Lunjina

The Serbian association Lunjina was founded in 1991, with the aim to preserve the Aromanian name and to promote and commemorate the impact of the Aromanian nation in the cultural and economic development of the Balkan Peninsula. Eventually, this society developed into a movement that aims to promote and affirm Aromanians folk customs, spiritual culture, art and literature. The Aromanians and their descendants have been made aware of their contributions to a better life in Serbia in the past centuries, especially to the development of civil society. Therefore, the members of Lunjina association aim to create the conservation foundation of their traditions, songs, dance and religion.


Serbian-Aromanian association Lunjina would like to find partners in Europe to establish partnership in the field of performing and researching old folk and traditional music and folklore. Lunjina would like to participate in different kinds of projects dealing with performing and researching different European traditional and old music styles and expressions (which includes performances where different musical styles and expressions from different cultures are put together and mixed as one joint expression of cultural diversity).

Lunjina would like:
– To participate in cultural and musical events across Europe.
– To host musicians who belong to different cultures at “Days of Aromanian culture and heritage” (“Dani cincarske kulture i stvaralastva”).
– To participate in non-formal education sessions, workshops and events for musicians from various musical and cultural backgrounds.
– To participate in civil society projects in which they could, through different musical expressions, raise awareness on how music as universal language can overcome obstacles and build bridges between different cultures, create understanding and build more inclusive societies.

Contact: Marin Bodrozic (secretary)
T: +381 60 0322 985, E: