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13.07.2018, Cooperation projects (small) / Multimedia and New Technologies
Reply by Saturday, September 1 2018

Love.Audio.Stories is looking for partners with experience in the fields of film and audiovisual projects, multimedia and new technologies, to establish a European Podcast Network (small-scale cooperation project).

Organisation: Love.Audio.Stories

Love.Audio.Stories is an independent audio production company producing podcasts – branded content for businesses and original show. Love.Audio.Stories develops, produces and markets high quality audio brand stories for businesses. They work with branded partners to uncover their stories, build their brand awareness, connect with their customers, members or community and enhance their reputation and authority in their desired field. All of this is done through engaging audio content that excites, fascinates and intrigues the listener.

Project: European podcast network

The aim of this network will be to produce creative, story driven, literary and culture focused podcasts that share the cultures and stories of European countries across Europe and worldwide. The network will have several strands:

1. Provide marketing support to independent creative podcasts to help market their shows outside of their countries and outside of Europe.
2. Create new literary and story driven podcasts that are cross-country collaborations in Europe.
3. Provide education and training to new producers in Europe.
4. Create an international podcast festival to showcase independent works (experimental, sound designed, story driven pieces) and provide an opportunity for the listeners to engage with and learn more about the podcast creators on the network.

Contact: Ciara Gillan
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