Kaunas City Chamber Theatre, Lithuania

20.06.2019, Cooperation projects (small) / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
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Kaunas City Chamber Theatre is looking for partners to cooperate in a project focusing on creating a community and social space by integrating people with disabilities.


Kaunas City Chamber Theatre (KCCT) is a non-profit public institution that stages theatrical performances, presents various scenic and performative art trends, works as venue for young artists, perform cultural and creative education. KCCT is a municipal theatre, also a part of Kaunas Creative Generator (platform of venues for young artists) network.
Renewed, having a 40-year history theatre combines the theater traditions with the latest “fashion” of the performing arts, reflects the past with the present sight, presents the heritage with the latest tools, opens the way for new discoveries. This is a place where social status is unimportant, where people without titles or qualification labels, for which theater is important as a tool of communication are constantly sharing their thoughts.
The creative theater community tries to perceive its purpose as a city theater, along with the public is looking for a worthwhile road, fosters, protects and develops the traditions of professional drama theater, creatively searches for new forms, encourages the development of theater art – implies the synergy of tradition and innovation.


The main idea of our developing project is the creating community and social space, integration of people with disabilities, encouraging them to free their communicative, social skills and contributing to the creative process. We are thinking about such activities of project:
– Seminars and workshops for theatre professionals (pedagogues, actors, directors) how to work with people with disabilities, how to involve them into creative process and so on.
– Workshops where theatre professionals will be working with people with disabilities.
– The creation of performance, involving people with disabilities in creative process and performing.
– The dissemination of this performance through countries-partners.

Contact: Indrė Brasevičiūtė, Project Manager
E: projektai@kamerinisteatras.lt, https://www.kamerinisteatras.lt/en/