Fundación Ramón Rey Ardid (FRRA), Spain

16.08.2016, Cooperation projects / Interdisciplinary Projects
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Rey Ardid is a nonprofit organization that was created in 1991 to attend the need of people affected by mental illness. After 25 years of experience our organization has grown and increased its social presence, by working with other collectives (older people, migrants, young people in difficulty, etc.). The mains goals are to achieve full social integration, to cover their basic needs and to improve both their quality of life and their relatives. To achieve these goals we developed different actions: training, awareness, leisure and recreation, etc. Among them, we carry out activities focused on art, culture and creativity (drawing, sculpture, creative writing, photography, theatre, music, dance, etc.) since they are highly effective for social inclusion. FRRA has established diverse agreements with official bodies and private institutions to develop assistance, prevention, rehabilitation, socio-professional integration and training activities.


This project wants to bring together two areas that share an interest in the social function of culture. First, group of museums, musicologists, musicians and luthiers. The second major group, composed of foundations and other nonprofit institutions involved in the integration of people with disabilities in society, using as best mean, music and art.
The main goal is recover the potential of European organological rich heritage through an educational project for young and dissemination of early music, with audience development through the involvement of people with disabilities in different actions.


Contact: Lucía Rincón Laplana
T: +34976 740 474

Please find more about the project in the appendix.