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10.07.2018, Cooperation projects / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
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Culturproject (PT) is looking for five actors and one director from each of the following countries: England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Slovenia, to participate to their project “S. Vicente – Who embarked on this boat?” in the fields of street performing arts, education, audience development and multicultural sharing.

Organisation: Culturproject

Founded in 2002, Culturproject – Cultural Projects Management is a company dedicated to the management and production of events in the cultural area. Their work is divided into 4 major areas: Animation and Pedagogy, Special Projects, Exhibitions and Shows.

Project: “S. Vicente – Who embarked on this boat?”

The S. Vicente project will be a multicultural show of performative street arts with different points of action: historical meetings, youth development, multicultural points of sharing, dance, music. A multicultural project will be prepared for touring by the countries involved. This project encompasses the gathering of knowledge and formative practice for the creation of an annual festival of young people in performing arts, professional actors, together with students from other areas of knowledge.

The project starts with a show, in which artists, the public and students from the different participating countries will get together. The show will be linked to the celebration of the arrival of the saint who served the first King of Portugal, focusing on values such as peace, concord and security during the conquest of the city of Lisbon. The celebration will be a meeting of multiple nationalities, sharing dances, songs, myths and legends from different cultures, presented in various languages. The action follows a historical document of a soldier, who narrates the taking of the city of Lisbon. The use of a historical document is subject to different readings, which in this show are interpreted in the light of the different national and foreign actors as well as of the different knowledge, history, literature, religion, anthropology and philosophy. The heralds of these events, the crows, are figures that travel between the present, the past and the future. These commentators feed the present with what they bring from the past and simultaneously project to the future, inviting the public to participate in the construction of dreams for the future. In this way the artists establish a bond with the public. The epilogue occurs with the arrival of the ship of S. Vicente, represented by a hologram. The crows are the animals that accompanied the remains of Saint Vincent and therefore, became an integral part of the symbol of the city of Lisbon.

See attached document for more information (.pdf)

Contact: Cecilia Piscarreta