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10.07.2018, Cooperation projects (large) / Cultural Heritage
Reply by Saturday, September 1 2018

Barcelona Provincial Council is looking for at least 5 partners for a large scale cooperation project in the field of intangible cultural heritage. Targeted partners are local authorities or cultural agents with experience in projects focused on “cross-fertilization” between tradition and innovation in different artistic fields, especially music.

Organisation: Barcelona Provincial Council

The Barcelona Provincial Council (BPC) is a local government institution that provides technical, economic and strategic support for the 311 municipalities of the province of Barcelona networking with the local councils. The BPC plays a very active role in several cultural international networks, like RICC, LIKE, or the culture group of the ULGC organization.

Project: TRAD & NOVA 6X6

The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project aims to generate know-how at European level on how to keep popular and traditional culture alive from the exchange and “cross fertilization” between traditional root initiatives and innovative proposals in the different cultural and artistic fields (crafts, live arts, visual arts, popular festivities …). We want to do it based on the exchange of experiences between projects from different European territories. We start from the assumption that the best way to keep tradition alive is to fertilize it with contemporary aesthetics and languages. We also start form our knowledge that throughout Europe there are artists immersed in community processes that use tradition as the raw material of their creative processes.

The TRAD & NOVA 6X6 project aims to achieve four results from four instruments that determine four specific lines of work:
*Enhance existing good practices, contributing to its description and dissemination on an international scale, through a specific digital platform.
*Extract from these good practices those elements that may be transferable to other contexts and cultural situations, through the development of a specific tool kit.
*Experience processes to revitalize initiatives from traditional heritage with innovative cultural and artistic dynamics in the territories of the various partners that participate in the project.
*Create the necessary sustainability conditions for an international award (provisional name “Sodoku Prize”) that recognizes this type of initiatives on a biannual basis.

Contact: Pia Bosch i Codolà (technical advisor)
T: +34 934022833 / +34 648685381, E:, W: