Atlas Weekend, Ukraine

20.06.2019, Cooperation projects (small) / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Sunday, September 1 2019
Atlas Weekend is looking for music/events-related organizations that are willing to collaborate on making festivals the best place to entertain.


Established in 2015, Atlas Weekend is the largest music festival in Ukraine. Every July, it gives the audience an opportunity to be part of the live journey across various genres of music, so the attendants can not only listen to their favorite artists, but also widen their musical tastes and discover new and interesting musicians. The program includes (but is not limited to): live concerts, DJ sets, an amusement park, evenings of Poetry, master classes, gastronomy etc. More than 200 artists will create a proper music festival atmosphere on 10 stages. The festival is hosted in a spacious and green area within the city limits of Kyiv, accessible by all public transport. An essential part is the secure camping area. Atlas Weekend has everything covered for the audience, so the guests of the festival can dive in, celebrate music for 6 days, and do not have to worry about anything else.

Atlas Weekend is a large-scale celebration of music in the heart of Ukraine — Kyiv city. Our main mission is to deliver best experience for both festival visitors and musicians that perform on its stages. Attendees of Atlas Weekend have a unique opportunity to see live performances from the most trending and beloved music artists from all over the world, including top local Ukrainian music acts. In 2018, it had over 200 artists playing live from 10 stages in its schedule and more than 525000 people could feel the vibe of this event. Besides live music, Atlas Weekend provides various ways for its guests to be entertained, including (but not limited to) DJ sets, an amusement park, evenings of Poetry, master classes, gastronomy etc. Atlas Weekend makes the festival accessible to everyone, so one of the focuses among others is making the event as much inclusive as possible. In 2018, the whole infrastructure was upgraded to fit the needs for every guest with special needs; all stages had platforms for their maximum comfort. Also the festival highly supports eco initiatives. For instance, we set recycling bins covering all festival territory and special volunteers were helping people to use them the right way.

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