Association of Citizens “Brewery Museum Georg Weifert”, Serbia

10.02.2017, Cooperation projects (small) / Cultural Heritage
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Organisation: Association of Citizens “Brewery Museum Georg Weifert”

We are citizens association founded in April 2015 in Pancevo, in order to work on the renovation of material and spiritual heritage of the personality of great importance for Serbian history, Georg Weifert. Our head office is in the Weifert Old Brewery, the oldest brewery in the Balkans, founded in the year 1722, which represents a cultural monument of great importance. With the aim of preserving the tradition of brewing beer, long nearly 300 years, we established a mini brewery, where in authentic surroundings of the Old Weifert Brewery, by the old, original recipes produces beer at crafts method. This year we His Excellency Mr. Dittmann Axell ambassador of Germany in Serbia has officially opened a museum of brewing. On January 12, along with the cultural and artistic society Sandor Petefi, we have celebrated the day of establishment of the Weifert Old Brewery. On this occasion, the Ambassador of Hungary in Serbia, His Excellency Mr. Attila Pinter cooked the beer and so continued humanitarian action “Beer brings us together”. The action began His Excellency Mr. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador in Serbia.

We are looking  for partners interested in building a cooperation based on the main activities related with industrial heritage and tourism. We are the open for all suggestions regarding actions that could be implemented.


The complex of the Old Weifert’s brewery is a cultural monument of great importance and the oldest brewery in the Balkan (covers an area of 12000 square meters). It is an inspiration to artists from different fields.

Action: creative history and art workshops – to enhance cooperation and contacts between people of different origins, to encourage creativity, and provide a driving force for cultural innovation and economic development, based on heritage, tradition and tourism.
Creative history and art workshop would represent international cultural center- a gathering place for artists, scientists, foreign and local tourists, cyclists, companies, schools, cultural stakeholders, place for scientific conferences and creative workshops.


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