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13.07.2018, Cooperation projects (small) / Interdisciplinary Projects
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The Art Palace (Museum of Cinema, Theatre, Music and Choreography) is looking for partners for a small-scale cooperation project in the fields of decorative arts & craftwork and digital art. Desired partners include arts and culture institutions from any EU country.

Organization: Art Palace

The Art Palace carries out cultural, educational and scientific work as well as restoration, archiving, provides a resource for academic and cultural research, preserves, and exhibits cultural and historical items related to Georgian performing arts and cinema, as well as other unique modern and classic European artefacts.

Every day the Art Palace has around 1000 visitors, and regularly hosts exhibitions of local and foreign artists, cultural events and creative activities. This is the first museum in Georgia to be presented by the cultural institution Google, whose modern online system offers visitors worldwide the possibility to see unique exhibits and creative techniques in great detail. In 2018 the Art Palace is to be Honoured Host at the Frankfurt Book Fair and hold an exhibition of the Georgian alphabet at the Offenbach museum. The Art Palace is author of many scientific works and albums dealing with different aspects of Georgian arts and culture, researched and published according to modern global museum standards.


Decorative arts & Craftwork: The main goal of this project is to conduct textile workshops in order to restore the aesthetic principles of historical Georgian textiles, employing the unique methodology of copying from Georgian frescoes the embroidery and ornaments of the church-building donor’s clothing. The Art Palace team has already published material documenting Georgian clothing from 7th to 20th century in an encyclopaedic work named “Textile from Georgia”.

Digital art: The project will also include a virtual museum: a website that provides information about textile workshops, textile reconstruction-restoration techniques, as well as employment opportunities for people with disabilities. For the first time in Georgia people will be able to see textiles that are based on the clothing of church-building donors. High-resolution photographs on the website will enable viewers to zoom in and analyse each element of the textiles in great detail.

See attached document for further details (.docx).

George Kalandia
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