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Creative Europe (2014-2020) - MEDIA 
EACEA 21/2017 
Thursday, November 16 2017 results
Thursday, May 24 2018 closed

Results for deadline 16. November 2017

Rezultati dostopni prek spleta EACEA.

Within the specific objective of reinforcing the European audiovisual sector’s capacity to operate transnationally and internationally one of the priorities of the MEDIA Sub-programme is to:
– increase the capacity of audiovisual operators to develop European audiovisual works with a potential to circulate in the EU and beyond and to facilitate European and international co-production, including with television broadcasters.

The MEDIA Sub-programme shall provide support for the following measures:
– the development of European audiovisual works, in particular films and television works such as fiction, documentaries, children’s and animated films, as well as interactive works such as videogames and multimedia with enhanced cross-border circulation potential;
– activities aiming at supporting European audiovisual production companies, in particular independent production companies, with a view to facilitating European and international co-productions of audiovisual works including television works.

More information at EACEA: Call for proposal