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Mladinska knjiga Založba d.d. (vodja) 
Ustvarjalna Evropa (2014-2020) - Kultura / Projekti literarnega prevajanja 2018
Podpora EU
59.973,32 EUR (1. leto)

Trajanje projekta: 1. 1. 2019–31. 12. 2019 (1. leto)
Podpora EU: Kategorija 2 – Triletni okvirni sporazumi o partnerstvu: 59.973,32 EUR (1. leto)

“An extra miracle, extra and ordinary:/the unthinkable/can be thought,” concludes the great Polish poet Wyslawa Szymborska in her poem Miracle-Fair. Literature is the place where such extraordinary miracles happen. Therefore the leading objective of this 3-year translation project is to SPREAD THE WORDS and the awareness of these miracles, and reach not just existing, but also new audience among readers of different age groups, from children to grown-ups, as well as professionals in the book industry (librarians, teachers, booksellers). This is one of the essential tasks of modern publishing, where books are in most cases unnoticed after publication.

The first year of the project brings a set of 10 carefully chosen literary works from European authors, where we have taken into account narratives of often overlooked literary voices, genres and nations. The existent selling, promotional and marketing channels will be restructured in order to reach a wider reading public. The good practices (three European authors visits, including the EUPL winner, are planned for the first year) will be significantly upgraded and constantly revised also through technological developments, which will enable new ways of accessing and involving the readers.

An important, pioneering part of the project are the translations of Slovenian authors into English and German; for the first time, we aim to present to European readers our best writers and illustrators, initially within the very strong field of children’s and young adult fiction. This is especially important as a long-term goal in reaching new audience in Europe outside Slovenia, as the books, translated from Slovenian into major European languages within the 3-year partnership will play an important role in the promotion of these (and other Slovenian) titles and authors in the years 2021 and 2022, when Slovenia is the guest of honour in Bologna and Frankfurt respectively.

Spread the words! Spread the worlds!
(Source: EAC.)

List of bookss (1st year of EU support):
– Janne Teller: Alt. Translation from Danish into Slovene.
– Véronique Olmi: Bakhita. Translation from French into Slovene.
– Javier Cercas: El Impostor. Translation from Spanish into Slovene.
– Carlos Ruiz Zafon: El Laberinto de los Espiritus. Translation from Spanish into Slovene.
– Feri Lainšček: Prvotnost. Translation from Slovene into English.
– Tove Jansson: Sent i November. Translation from Swedish into Slovene.
– Benedict Wells: Vom Ende der Einsamkeit*. Translation from German into Slovene.
– Wislawa Szymborska: Wiersze Wybrane. Translation from Polish into Slovene.
– Lila Prap: Zmaji?! Translation from Slovene into German.
– Mathias Enard: Zone. Translation from French into Slovene.
*Nagrada EUPL / EUPL Award.

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