Soros International House, Litva

16.11.2016, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do sreda, 23. november 2016


Soros International House (SIH) started in 1993 as English language teaching center and soon became one of the largest and most highly rated language schools in Vilnius. Since 2000 SIH has been actively involved both as a coordinator and a partner in number of international projects and has experience in working with projects in intercultural learning, language teaching, development of teaching methodology and tools, adult education and vocational training, active citizenship, training senior learners, and migrant integration.During the lifetimes of the most of the projects a wide variety of cultural and artistic activities were implemented in order to successfully reach projects’ objectives.

The aims of the organization are:
– To promote and expand variety of educational services for children, youngsters and adults as well as develop professional and social skills for adults and other target groups;
– To supplement and enrich general education by creating opportunities for children, youngsters and adults to spend their leisure time in collectives, festivals, recreational events, competitions and theater groups;
– To foster, create and develop theater traditions, to create conditions and to encourage talented artists, creative workers, performers to participate in creative activities.


“ePublisher Without Borders”, which is the extension of the on-going project “ePublisher” , seeks to transfer the ideas and tools for innovative ways of creating, translating and publishing poetry to other EU countries.

In the framework of “ePublisher” a new and innovative way of presenting poetry was implemented – an on-line poetry platform (library) was created. During “ePublisher Without Borders” the platform will not only be maintained, but also expanded. The platform is the place where professional, amateur poets and anyone who is interested in poetry creation and/or translation regardless their age, profession and society group they represent can publish creative works and/or translations.
Besides, in order to promote poetry and its publication even more a poetry book, containing up to 45 poems, their translations and presentations of the authors, will be developed and produced in a hard copy and e-book.
Application of innovative and user-friendly on-line games for poetry creation (which is also a product of “ePublisher”) will be intensified in order to boost imagination and creativity. The games will provide the possibility to reach other audiences (teachers and students at universities, colleges, schools, language teaching institutions), who could apply them in their work while teaching creative writing, languages or literature. In this way we will have a chance to encourage them to create.
And the last, but not least, the international poetry festivals will be organized in each partner country . These events aim not only to introduce poetry of partner countries, but also engage audiences in experiencing and enjoying writing and reading by themselves. Such activities as workshops on creativity and creative writing, traditional and modern poetry readings will be implemented during the 3-day festivals.


Daiva Malinauskiene,
T: +370687 94888

Please find more about the project in the appendix.