National Museum of Maps and Old Books, Romunija

7.12.2017, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do petek, 5. januar 2018

The National Museum of Maps and Old Books would like to participate as a partner in a small-scale cooperation project, which includes (i) development of urban communities, (ii) enhancing young people’s access to cultural heritage (maps heritage) and (iii) the organization of educational activities, performances, exhibitions, conferences concerts. The museum would like to cooperate with institutions, museums, NGOs, performing activities related to public approach, mediation, museography, innovative technologies, computer coding, storytelling, territorial marketing, sociology-ethnology, philosophy, history, archaeology, theatre, education.

Organizacija: National Museum of Maps and Old Books (NMMOB)

The museum, situated in Bucharest, is a state institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture of Romania and the profile of our museum is unique in Europe.

VISION: The museum creates links between patrimony – education – culture, between the past and the present. It is a center for the study and interpretation of the world and history described by maps and old books, available to scholars and specialists in the field. NMMOB is also the right place for those who are passionate of knowledge, of unique learning experiences held in an experimental and creative museum space.

MISSION: Our institution is not only a museum with a unique collection in Romania, but a relevant institution for the public and for culture, promoting research, interactivity, lifelong learning, dialogue and creative engagement. All that is made possible through care for heritage and its interpretation, through activities designed for specialists and the community. NMMOB is more than a museum; it is a center for studying and reconsidering the history and geographies of the world described by the old maps and books in its collection.

Directions for action, 2017–2021:
1. Systematic research for creating thematic content.
2. Enrichment and promotion of the heritage, including the contribution of the creative cultural sector that will develop around the museum, the community and specialists.
3. Museum education transforming the museum into a permanent learning space, an inspirational environment that brings together the public in order to see and understand the world from the perspective of maps and old writings about it.
4. Refining the museum image in order to discover those identity elements that will bring meaning to the vision and mission of the institution.
Apart from temporary exhibitions, we organized this year weekly educational programs with schools and families, performances, concerts, conferences.


NMMOB wants to work on a project revaluating the notion of space, distance and closeness in the European historical context, by exploring the history of traveling.

Kontakt: Ioana Zamfir
E:, T: +4 0730 508 618