IMAGES 30, Francija

20.03.2018, Projekti sodelovanja / Multimedija in nove tehnologije
Odgovori do nedelja, 30. september 2018

Images 30 is looking for partners, e. g. museums, patrimonial sites, tourist places, media libraries, book libraries, cultural centers to cooperate in a project “Exprime” in the fields of culture, heritage, tourism, promotion, education, media, training, with the virtual reality, the augmented reality, the mixed reality, the new technologies as the AI, the neurosciences.

Projekt: Exprime

The Exprime project is a conception of a device and contents of virtual museum and sites of the European heritage through a cultural and in virtual reality, playful system of interaction and dumping, with sharing of experience, for a wide public, aimed at libraries (books), media libraries, cultural centers, European education systems…

The Exprime project is sharing by the virtual reality (Vr) and Ar for the cultural mediation. Exprime proposes a multisensory experience with cultural and artistic purpose for a small group of people: dive in several into an artificial space suggesting knowing the history and the artistic characteristics of the main works of a museum or an ancient memorial or a site. It is not a question of replacing the visit of the museum or the site but of inciting the people to go there and to prepare effectively the future visit.

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Kontakt: Joël Daguerre
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