Council of Plasencia, Španija

7.11.2017, Projekti sodelovanja / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do sobota, 18. november 2017

Council of Plasencia would like to be a partner in a project related to the traditional folk music within European cooperation projects related to the EYCH 2018. Preferable project partners are councils, local entities, folk music organizations, traditional event organizers and esp. from Portugal, France and Italy.

Organizacija: Council of Plasencia

Local Administration of Plasencia, a historical city located on the bank of the Jerte River, in Extremadura, in the West of Spain, 80 kilometres from the Portuguese border and 250 kilometres from Madrid.

Projekt: “Folk and Food: Tradition and Health, European Cultural Heritage”

Context: Every year Plasencia celebrates two events in August. The first Tuesday of the month, there are different activities in honour of the traditional local open market that was an event in town for centuries. Citizens and neighbours from the surrounding villages came to Plasencia to sell their products and socialize with others, as well as play music and dance.
The other activity is the International Folk Music Festival where musicians from all over the world have been playing for more than 20 years. There are also music and dance workshops and activities that involve the community.

Objectives: To share and get to know better the European Cultural Heritage, through folk music and dance and traditional open food markets.

– Mobility and exchange of artists.
– Better knowledge of European cultural heritage.
– Better understanding of the traditions in different countries and the identity as part of Europe.

– Artist mobility and exchange of traditional music and dance.
– Promote the folk fusion (one S, not fussion) between different artists.
– Boost the traditional open markets as a cultural heritage.

Targeted public: folk artists (music and dance), European citizens.

Kontakt: Lola Lucio, European project manager
E:, T: +34646572377