Brătianu Cultural Centre, Romunija

23.03.2017, / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do sreda, 31. maj 2017

Organizacija Brătianu Cultural Centre   

Brătianu Cultural Centre is a public institution set up in 1993. Their objectives are: to promote the historical and architectural ensemble; to develop our own programme of cultural activities; to cooperate with local, national and international institutions.
Main activities aim to contribute to the scientific and artistic education of the public through specific programmes: support to young researchers and valuable artists; development and publishing of studies, publications and documentaries; collaborations with the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, with foundations, universities in the country and abroad in order to present and promote Romanian culture and civilization values, as well as the common European values.


They have have relevant expertise in European cooperation projects and would like to participate in activities concerning: handicraft camps, sculpture camps, hosting scientific conferences, exhibitions, wood carving, creating dolls in traditional costumes, creative workshops.
For the implementation of these activities they can also offer their accommodation space and catering services.
They would like to be partners in a cooperation project focused on one or several of the themes/activities described above.

Simona Şerban
T: +40248/266703;  +40740290005 (mobile)