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7.11.2017, Cooperation projects (large) / Interdisciplinary Projects
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Selina Productions S.A. is looking for partners (from United Kingdom or Ireland) to participate in an interdisciplinary large-scale cooperation project “Revelations”:
*Priority 1: symphony orchestras, opera houses, music festivals, choirs.
*Priority 2: curators of fine art, exhibition touring specialists, cultural organisations, festivals of fine art, 3D animation and projection mapping art organisations, internet live streaming companies.

Organization: Selina Productions S.A.

Established in 2003, Selina Productions S.A. is a production company with a broad range of cultural activities in its profile. Headed by Tassos Ioannides, the main activities of the company include:
– The production of children’s musical theatrical productions with an educational focus.
– The production of children’s music CDs with educational content.
– The authoring and publication of children’s musical books (illustrated storybooks, which include narration, songs and soundscape).
– The development and production of major scale musical works (Opera-Women in War) funded by the EU Culture program, with the collaboration of four countries (Greece – Selina Productions Leader, Cyprus-AFI Publishers, Turkey – Çanakkale University and Australia – ARTEK Productions). Please go to project for a full project description.
– The Production of Oratorio-Apocalypse of St John at the prestigious Herod Atticus Acropolis Theatre.
– The production of large-scale musical events for children (including with Symphony Orchestras and Children’s Choirs).


This project, through its activities, aims to bring together a collective of cultural actors in the fields of music and fine art by engaging them, through their artistic expression, to create and present contemporary works inspired by a unique text of great European cultural value: The Apocalypse – The revelations of St John the Divine. The text, which forms the last chapter of the New Testament, written in Greek on the island of Patmos over two thousand years ago, has inspired artists over the ages and still intrigues and inspires people around the world who come across it, regardless of their religious preference.

In this project, the collaborating cultural actors, musicians, singers, painters, digital artists, etc, are asked to present a symphonic oratorio composed by award winning Greek composer Tassos Ioannides, based on the original text of the Apocalypse, and to create a collection of contemporary paintings based on themes and images inspired by the holy text. This series of paintings will form the material for an exhibition travelling to all the participating countries. The paintings will also form the setting for an immersive visual stage environment that will accompany the performances, after it has been digitally reproduced by world-renowned 3D animation and projection mapping artist Stathis Mitsios.

The performances will be streamed live through the internet.

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Ria Mokas, E:, T: +30 210 620 4612
Tassos Ioannides, E:, T: +30 693 234 4755