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8.11.2017, Cooperation projects / Interdisciplinary Projects
Reply by Friday, December 1 2017

Pro Media Production is looking for a partner that would cooperate in a project about creating a new employment opportunities in culture for LGBT population.

Organization: Pro Media Production

Pro Media Production is a Belgrade based agency, which has been operating successfully since March 2009 taking part in various activities pertaining to the development of culture. Presently, Pro Media Production is intensively working on forming and creating a digital TV and Radio channel intended for the LGBT population.


The agency came up with an idea to deliver a project which would encourage LGBT individuals to start their business in culture. Thus, with the help of competent people in this field, who are a part of our agency, and potential partners, we could stimulate the development of entrepreneurship in the field of culture. In turn this would help a marginalized group of people, of whom there are a large number of talented individuals, to start up and build numerous, prosperous and efficient business projects in a wide range of fields depending on their interests, such as: digital art, video production, cultural inheritance, fashion, photography, music, etc..

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