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Adenium Film is a Romanian production company interested in developing a smaller scale cooperation project tackling memory and trauma in various minority communities living on the banks of Danube river. They would like to cooperate with partners esp. from Germany, Austria and Bulgaria in the field of web-documentary, artistic and theoretical research, residencies, film, audio-visual installation.

Organization: Adenium Film

Adenium Film is a production company founded in 2012, originating in a group of people with various backgrounds – business development, production, marketing, writing and directing – that got together in order to develop projects they believe in. The company started off by offering production and marketing services for films and commercials and has worked with both local and international clients. Adenium Film has been part of two co-productions so far. The first, “Flavors Collection”, is a short film by Igor Cobileansky that was selected, among other festivals, to Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2013. The second one, “The Man Who Went Looking for Freedom”, is a documentary by Duco Tellegen that was screened on the BBC World News Service this spring.

Adenium Film is concentrating on developing and producing original content for cinema, TV and Internet. Furthermore, Adenium collaborates with local talents on building transmedia projects for kids, combining live performances with books and new media components. Its most recent project in this respect, “The Blue Lie” (based on an original story developed by Adenium Film) has been launched with a well received and liked theatre performance and will continue with the e-book, app and internet content.


With an interest on looking at memory and trauma, they aim to develop a project on the Danube river, studying the transitions, adjustments and relations between communities that live on both sides, implying all the 10 countries that the river passes through. The project will offer new perspectives on historical events and recent life-style, in the context of migration/displacement, coming from a minority point of view – an angle that most times is overlooked, the accent being made on the majority of a country’s population.

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